Sian Stephens

Clinic Manager

Sian is a clinic manager with over twenty years of running clinical operations and industry related businesses and has worked with some of the most reputed clinics in London.

Originally an aesthetician and although she loved being in the treatment room, she had become very interested in the business side of the industry and so started her journey into clinic development and management. Sian has set up two businesses from scratch and has assisted organisations as a business development manager alongside operations management too. 

The legacy of being an aesthetician has resulted in an ardent passion for aesthetic devices, skin and skincare and she fervently believes that together with using carefully curated products to improve the health of the skin, that true health also has to come from within. She is especially impassioned about nutrition, studying with renowned nutritional guru Patrick Holford shortly after qualifying to further understand about gut health which she wanted to do to enable her clients further as she believes this is the fundamental root cause of many skin and health issues.

This has led onto a lifelong passion into this arena, following world renowned deep nutritionists and bio hackers to further understand the science behind health and well-being. She loathes ultra-processed and junk foods and thinks they should be banned.

Sian loves to exercise has competed in many stamina based events and is obsessed with fashion, and she says all that will be left of her is a pile of supplements and clothes! 

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