Sun Damage & Pigmentation

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Sun Damage & Pigmentation

Pigmentation can look like stains on the skin and are caused by uneven, excess melanin production in localised areas often brought on by excessive sun exposure. Melanin is produced by the skin as a form of defence and too much sun exposure can cause this overproduction, as can hormone imbalances, pregnancy mask (or melasma) and even some medications. It’s wise to always apply a separate SPF to the skin each day regardless of the season or the weather outside! You need the protection all year round.

If you are not a big lover of SPF, the chances are that over time, sun damage that you have received will eventually rise to the surface of the skin and become very visible and quite tricky to remove. Don’t be fooled, you don’t need to sit in the midday Mediterranean sun to receive sun damage. It is true to say that harmful UV rays are ever-present and can travel through cloud, windows and so forth – so even on a dull and overcast day, you still need to apply your SPF.

We are so fortunate that currently, there are many solutions to pigmentation ranging from laser resurfacing to topical treatments and they’re very effective.

Sun damage is also largely to blame for lots of premature ageing and causes lines and wrinkles. UV breaks down the collagen and elastin in the skin which gives it its plumpness and elasticity. If you are serious about keeping your skin in good condition for as long as possible, pigmentation is not the only reason to protect your skin, think of the premature ageing.

At the Natali Kelly clinic, we have a whole host of solutions for dark spots and pigmentation and can identify the best course of treatment for you with our dedicated pigmentation consultation.

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