Our Wellness Lounge offers a private space for all your wellness needs. With monthly events to help you balance your inner and outer beauty, to become the best version of yourself. We welcome you to relax, meditate or pray before and after your treatments.

Energy Healing

Healing encompasses a whole host of practices, each and every one unique in its approach, powerful and effective. Whether it’s Chakra, Reiki healing or a combination of numerous disciplines, you’ll be guided to achieve your goal for the session, be it deep relaxation, pain relief, meditation, visualisation or that which your body, mind and spirit requires. Natali Kelly is a qualified Reiki practitioner, warm in spirit and exceptional in channelling energy for healing, believes in inner glow as much as making the best of your outer appearance. Our Team are all energy healers and are available in clinic to help you on your energetic journey, including incorporating these modalities into your treatments should you desire.

Reiki is something I swear by to help rebalance energy and encourage emotional and physical healing. Energy healing contributes to my sense of self and wellness that nothing else can.

Natali Kelly

Sound Healing

Sound is a way to connect more deeply to yourself and your senses through unique sounds waves using specific instruments. Our in-house expert in all things healing, Harriet Emily guides you on an uplifting, nourishing journey using a combination of her gong expertise, crystal & Himalayan singing bowls, rattles, tuning forks and chimes, Harriet creates bespoke Sound Healing sessions and experiences for individuals and groups. Harriet has been involved in the healing community since childhood and has since travelled the world sharing her work across London, The UK, USA and Europe, collaborating at the Natali Kelly clinic and sharing her wealth of experience with us.

I hope that this space brings you inspiration, guidance and empowerment for your own healing process.

Harriet Emily

Numerology & Horoscopes

Perhaps more scientific than many may think, mathematical calculations to plot star-alignment and cosmic energy, paired with the reading of significant numbers in your life, provides insight and intrigue as part of a vastly eye-opening experience. Using these divinatory arts, the magic of numbers and stars can unveil a mystical relationship between you and the universe. Expert readings use and combine both of these elements which can help pinpoint the answers to your questions, guide you through your journey and can provide the support you need to find your place in the universe and to make sense of it all.

Who doesn't want to understand themselves better, their potential and their role in the universe? Casting some light is never a bad thing. We all need that from time to time.

Kate, London

Life Coaching/ Counselling

Having a vision or an ambition without the necessary tools or attributes to achieve your goals can be torturous. Allow our experts to supply a sprinkle of advice and a nurturing, guiding hand to help you on your journey be it personal or professional. Gaining useful skills, learning coping mechanisms and addressing limitations can help with virtually any area of your life. Your bespoke growth plan starts here, with a dedicated program of sessions lead by an expert to address your needs, such as; body confidence, relationship help, professional ambitions to name a few of the most common focuses.

It's simple, empower yourself, reach and exceed your goals and remember, there's nothing wrong with needing a little expert help to know how.

Tarot & Intuitive Readings

An ancient art using a deck of cards with the power of divination. Led by your personal spiritual guide, third-eye switched on, these readings are the ultimate in the psychic reveal. For an insight into what the universe wants to tell you at a certain point on your path, secure a quiet session with our expert. With its strict code of practice, tarot readers will not provide definitive answers to life’s questions, but provide a snapshot of a precise moment in time with all the options available to you.

Don't fear predictions, see your reading as a message of guidance that you need to hear and grow from at this present moment.

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