Acne & Acne Scarring

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Acne & Acne Scarring

Acne isn’t exclusively a teen problem or for those with excessively oily skins. Sadly, adults present with acne as well, around 80% of us will get it at some point and in most adult cases, the solution isn’t as simple as just fighting excess sebum. In fact, mature skins can often be dry and sensitive whilst also suffering acne breakouts. Add to that the normal concerns of the age category like lines and wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation and many will invest in expensive anti-ageing products to solve this problem while the more pressing issue of acne still remains. With the multitude of research, technology, products and treatments available you don’t have to choose which issue to treat; with expert help you can manage both your acne or acne scarring and other skin needs in harmony.

It’s bad enough to have to suffer with adult acne, however once you have managed to keep further breakouts at bay and calmed the active spots, you then have the task of eradicating the tell-tale signs. Acne and acne scarring is completely debilitating for some and though we live in a world where we can filter and airbrush our photos and present whatever look we want to, even toned, smooth skin in real-life is the ultimate goal. It may feel completely unattainable but there’s good news, be they pits, pocks or ice-pick scars – all can be successfully improved.

The right skincare regime will help manage breakouts, so make a start by having an Acne Consultation with the Natali Kelly team after which a tailored treatment plan will be created especially for you. A comprehensive, expert plan including medical grade home care products and in-clinic treatments will support you through the acne blues.

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