Thin Lips, Uneven Lips & Lip Lines

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Thin Lips, Uneven Lips & Lip Lines

In recent years, lips have secured their position as one of the most sought-after facial features people want treated and that goes for all ages of the treatment spectrum. Whether to accentuate a smile or pout or to tackle ageing, thin, uneven lips or smokers’ lines, all are easily rectifiable. Smoothing the lips with a dermal filler is a great way to restore a youthful look, irradiating those superficial creases that can also cause uneven lipstick application.

As we age, volume loss also affects the lips and this can be exacerbated over time by smoking. Thin lips can elongate the face, accentuating an ageing droop or slump. Carefully treated thin lips to increase their fullness can give the illusion of youth and provide balance to the face. Like with any asymmetrical facial features, balance can be achieved using aesthetic solutions and in the case of uneven lips, expertly placed dermal filler can solve this unevenness quickly and simply.

With numerous lip enhancement techniques and injectable products tried and tested over the years, it is imperative you do your research and attend a consultation with an expert before being treated for the first time. A specialist will identify the best treatment and product for you. Bad treatment outcomes seem to be rife with images of bad practice splashed all-over the media and social platforms. The key to a good result is a supremely expert injector. As injectable treatments are largely unregulated in the UK, check your practitioner’s credentials and level of experience before booking in a lip enhancement treatment.

When expertly performed, lip filler can be used to upturn the corners of the mouth, balance the top and bottom lips, correct asymmetry, gummy smile, smooth fine lines in and around the lips, accentuate and define the lip line, and increase their volume. Your practitioner will provide a full consultation to discuss your goal and expectations and take an image before treatment to compare with a post-treatment shot. Generally lip treatments are not time intensive and don’t require a lot of downtime. Minimal swelling and bruising is normal and full aftercare details are provided. The beauty of hyaluronic acid dermal filler treatment is that should you not be fully satisfied, the product can be dissolved by the practitioner although this takes time and also requires expert skill. 

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