Enlarged Pores & Excess Oil

Enlarged Pores & Excess Oil

Skin quality can be measured in many ways, from tone, firmness, pigmentation to scarring, breakouts and visible pores. For some, open and enlarged pores are a real problem and for women, they’re quite unsightly under makeup. Excess oil (sebum) production can lead to nasty breakouts and even acne but also can have other less than desirable skin effects.  Often caused by excessive sebum or oil production in the skin, open and enlarged pores can appear on the nose first and foremost, the cheeks, chin and forehead. Anywhere that oil is produced, the pores can appear very visibly to the naked eye and no amount of topical pore minimising lotions and potions, blotting paper or powder-dusting can reduce the appearance of enlarged pores long-term.

The condition needs to be tackled both within the skin and on the surface. Expert aesthetic treatments in-clinic in conjunction with home-use skincare can give you a pore-free passport. After a thorough consultation, your practitioner is likely to recommend a course of treatment using one of many of the options in the library of pore-perfecting treatments such as; micro needling, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light therapy) or laser resurfacing. Combine this with peels, blue light therapy or a prescription-based skincare regime expertly compiled by your practitioner and your pores can be attacked and improved form the inside and the outside encouraging a real improvement that can be maintained long-term. Prescription skincare brands can provide a real weapon against open and enlarged pores and fight excessive production of oil; many with Niacinamides (Vitamin B3) proved to be very successful when helping with this condition.

Interestingly, enlarged pores can become more visible over time, as we age, given the elasticity and collagen depletion in the skin. It is not uncommon for pores to be a focus of treatment during an overall anti-ageing or skin rejuvenation program.

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