Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating

It’s an embarrassing problem for many and possibly more common than you may think, affecting both men and women. Sweat patches and damp areas on your clothing can be hard to mask and for some and wearing natural fibres for breathable skin isn’t enough to solve the issue.

Symptoms are often exacerbated with heat and hot weather, anxiety and stress, alcohol and spicy food and for some it can even affect relationships and their social diary. Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis can affect the whole body, not just the armpits and there are things you can do to improve the condition such as; wearing loose clothing and natural fibres, swapping your antiperspirant to a stronger variant, using absorptive foot powders, avoiding alcohol. However, if you feel that these tips aren’t doing the job sufficiently, there is a solution.

As an extreme measure, some opt for having sweat glands removed surgically, or you can have a treatment using mild electric current, whilst others receive medication from the GP, but there are alternatives. However you choose to treat your excessive sweating it is important to speak to your GP and find out what may be causing it before choosing a treatment solution.

A common treatment choice for stars of the red carpet, actors and performers, carefully placed botulinum toxin injections under the arms can reduce excessive sweating and the tell-tale signs on your clothing. The NHS does not always offer this treatment so it is possible to have a consultation and seek treatment privately. Treatment can last between six to 12 months so you’re guaranteed to experience the improvement all throughout the Summer months and even beyond. No more embarrassing excessive sweating.

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