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Ageing presents itself in all manner of ways; your face wears the signs of years of lifestyle choices as well as your genetic predispositions.

It’s a sad fact that the speed at which collagen is produced rapidly declines from your mid 20s and with it that youthful skin plumpness. Collagen provides the bounce and firmness to the skin and when it depletes you lose facial volume so you may notice a slight sagging or droop to the skin, also known as skin laxity. This is usually very noticeable in the mid portion of the face and the jawline where jowls present themselves. It’s as though the foundations under your house start to crumble and you lose the structure and support.

Fine lines and wrinkles are the result of skin laxity and years of repetitive movement and expression that leave their mark over time. These can be exaggerated when skin is dehydrated, with dramatic weight loss or with excessive sun exposure. Some people report that over the years their face has started to look a little sad and that is usually down to the slight downturn of the corners of the mouth and the marionette lines that develop from nose to mouth when we age and lose facial volume. Also, the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and slight brow droop can also add to this overall ‘sad’ look. It’s common to see wrinkles in the thin and delicate skin around the eyes and across the forehead and tackling these can immediately refresh and reawaken the face. Peels, anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are great medium term solutions to wrinkles and lost volume. There are even some effective collagen boosting injectable that boost your skin’s own natural production of collagen.

You can also support the skin’s ageing structure by boosting collagen and elastin production using some technologically advanced energy delivery treatments such as Radio Frequency and IPL. A course of these will cheat time and skin deterioration. With maintenance, these treatments can slow the ageing process in its tracks and encourage all the skin’s natural processes that it needs to rejuvenate itself.

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