Misshapen Nose

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Misshapen Nose

A misshapen, asymmetrical or imbalanced nose is a concern of many and for some, surgery is not the answer. Even with all the makeup and contouring know-how, many desire more than a temporary wash-off fix. A rhinoplasty, or surgical nose job, is an invasive treatment usually involving general anaesthesia and can be very costly and involve months of healing time. There is also no guarantee that one operation will be all you need to achieve the result you want. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common to need further revision. It most certainly involves huge consideration before committing to such a treatment and it can be cost prohibitive.

In any case not all misshapen noses need such a dramatic procedure. Amazingly, a skilled practitioner can use nothing but injectables to help you achieve the nose of your dreams in a remarkably short amount of time and in one sitting. The ‘liquid nose job’ or ‘no-knife nose job’ has been around for some years and some select practitioners are exceptionally skilled at this. Toxin can be used to correct a droopy tip, whereas dermal fillers can create definition, balance a hump, straighten a deviated septum (wonky nose) or give the illusion of a slimmer bridge. In the hands of an expert practitioner, you can achieve balance and tweak imperfections on the nose in one treatment and the results last many months, even years in some cases.

The eyes may well be the windows to your soul, but many aesthetic experts would call the nose beauty’s core as it is figuratively and literally the centre and the nose that either compliments or detracts from all other features of the face. The cost of the non-invasive nose job is a fraction of the surgical option, no anaesthesia is required, the treatment time is minimal and there is little to no downtime. For many, the treatment is worth trying before considering surgical options.

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