Tired Eyes, Eyebags & Dark Circles

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Tired Eyes, Eyebags & Dark Circles

Dark circles, eye bags and tried eyes effect a large number of people, and both men and women, equally. Although lifestyle choices can affect and worsen the look of tired and dark eyes, for some, these conditions are genetic. As many experts will tell you, there is very little you can do for dark circles and there’s little solid proof that topical eye cream treatments work.

Eye bags are often caused by fluid retention in the delicate pocket of skin directly beneath the eye. Some carefully chosen de-puffing eye creams can certainly help manage this as well as some slight alterations in your lifestyle choices can help improve the look of eye bags in combination with skin tightening treatments.

Tired eyes is a term that covers a multitude of conditions; fine lines, dehydrated and dry skin, dark shadows, skin laxity and more. With some careful attention from an expert, tired eyes can quickly get a whole new lease of life. Amongst the most effective solutions to tired eyes are; the careful placement of tear trough filler, a course of radio frequency, anti-wrinkle injections and a rehydrating skincare regime.

Dark circles have very few workable solutions but there is one reliable saving grace. In expert hands, the injectable concealer treatment lessens the look of dark circles in a clever light-deflecting trick using eye-appropriate dermal fillers. Dark circles are often caused by the visible redness of the blood vessels near the surface of the extremely thin and delicate skin in the under eye area. Using some expertly placed dermal filler, the shadow in the tear trough can be lessened improving the appearance of the vessels that cause the overall dark look. We often prescribe skin lightening cremes and peels to brighten pigmentation which contributes to dark circles in certain skin types.

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