Teeth Grinding & Jaw Line Slimming

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Teeth Grinding & Jaw Line Slimming

You may have never heard of the condition ‘Bruxism’, however it’s a really common condition that affects both men and women of all ages. Often brought on by stress, or simply a bad habit, many clench and grind teeth during waking hours or even at rest or as they sleep. For some, sleeping in a mouth guard provides little relief. The habit may be so out of control you break mouth guards. Over time, teeth grinding and clenching can have a multitude of serious health issues; this condition has a very real and negative impact on your teeth causing sensitivity and even deterioration of the enamel. On top of that, for many with his habit, the effect can be debilitating, causing neck pain, earache and migraines in extreme cases. With treatment the improvement and relief you can experience in your day to day is immeasurable and gives many a better quality of life.

From an aesthetic perspective, clenching and grinding over a long period of time can cause a built-up jaw, ‘rugby jaw’ and for women in particular, this can look very masculine and seen as a loss of femininity. The face appears more bulky than it should be or than it once was and there is currently no other workable solution but toxin treatment to tackle the bulky jaw. To slim the jawline and ease the condition and resulting pain and sensitivity, some carefully applied toxin in the masseter muscles in the jaw will ease the muscle and reduce the strength of the clenching and the grinding providing relief and allowing the muscle to de-bulk, leaving the jawline slim again. Dependent on the individual and the strength of your clench, the effects can last six to nine months and within just a matter of days you will experience the relief of tension and pressure for some, pain. In many cases the quality of sleep improves too.

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