Cellulite, Double Chin & Excess Fat

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Cellulite, Double Chin & Excess Fat

Some fat is stubborn, meaning both diet and exercise resistant. It can appear on the face and body as those last grabbable inches that remain, regardless of how much training and exercise you do and how careful you are with your diet. When liposuction and other fat-reducing invasive surgery isn’t appealing, there are non-invasive treatments these days that are highly effective and clinically proven, offering lasting result and minimal downtime.

Recently the introduction of treatments for submental fat or double chin, has meant that excess fat can now also be treated to help create a more defined jawline and desirable profile. Have a consultation with one of our experienced team to put a suitable treatment plan together for you. Ultracel Q+ is a great energy treatment used to reduce a double chin using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU).

Cellulite is caused by enlarged and excess fat cells beneath the skin’s surface in an irregular format causing the appearance of uneven, dimply skin. The most common areas for concern include the abdomen, thighs and buttocks and effect women more than men and some are more predisposed than others. Many factors can exacerbate the look of cellulite such as a poor diet, weight gain, inactivity, unhealthy lifestyle choices or a build-up of toxins in the body. There are some health factors that cause cellulite and aren’t so easy to control such as genetics, hormones and pregnancy.

Energy delivery devices like Lumenis NuEra and Ultracel Q+ can help break down fat and loosen the connective tissue that pins the fatty deposits down unevenly under the skin, causing lumps and bumps, or cellulite. A course of treatment is advised and can produce impressive results.

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