As Featured in Vanity Fair: NK Bespoke HydraFacial


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As Featured in Vanity Fair: NK Bespoke HydraFacial

Natali Kelly’s Walton Street clinic is best described as an elegant haven of beauty and holistic wellbeing— is and hands-down the best place to go when you’re in need of a full face, body and soul MOT. After a summer of overindulgence, Kelly and her team of expert practitioners will have you fighting fit with a personalised programme that might encompass anything from sound healing and reiki to contouring, fillers and a session with their new hot-from-the-States brightening laser.

But before all that, it’s almost always advisable to kick things off with a trusty HydraFacial. As you lie cocooned in the gloriously scented, ultra-relaxing treatment room, one of the clinic’s best-in-class facialists works their magic on your skin with a combination of lymphatic drainage, exfoliation, cleansing, LED light therapy and intensive skin-quenching moisturisation and if being shown all the nasties suctioned away in the process isn’t enough to convert you to a regular, your newly plumped, fresh, glowy skin (that lasts) certainly will. Read the full artical here: Natali Kelly.

See below for more information on our incredible HydraFacial treatments!

A deeply relaxing and completely non-invasive facial treatment that provides superb immediate, glowing results. Perfect for special occasions and red-carpet events, HydraFacial offers high-performance facial results, cleaning/extracting pores, infusing/hydrating, calming and brightening the skin.

With a multitude of different treatment settings, your facial can accommodate all your skin’s needs.

Choose from or combine:

  • Lymphatic drainage to improve the skin’s circulation and help reduce toxin build up that can contribute to skin
  • An exfoliation setting to gently cleanse and peel the superficial layer of the skin to help gently and effectively resurface, reducing dullness
  • Cleanse pores with painless suction followed by a skin-quenching moisturisation
  • Plump the skin with some potent antioxidants and peptides to give you optimal glow
  • Finish with LED light to reduce any redness or inflammation, help to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production

For optimal skin health, incorporate regular HydraFacials into your skincare regime to maintain skin quality and improve radiance.

As a medical clinic we incorporate ZO Skin Health boosters for those on our ZO Skin Health programmes, who want to accelerate their results.

Our signature Hydrafacials are:

  • Hydrafacial Signature
  • Hydrafacial Deluxe
  • Hydrafacial Platinum
  • Hydra Bright + ZO Brightalive Booster Pigmentation
  • Hydra Heal + ZO Rozatrol Booster Roseaca
  • Hydrafacial ULTRAcel Q+ Beauty Flash

Click here to find out more about our incredible HydraFacial Treatments.

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