As Featured In ELLE: Light Therapy Treatments

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As Featured In ELLE: Light Therapy Treatments

‘Everything You Need To Know About LED Skin Treatments’

We’ll level with you, they’re not just creepy looking masks, but actually the secret to giving acne-prone and dull skin a good old glow boost. Still not with us? We caught up with skincare expert Natali Kelly to give us the pro lowdown on all things light therapy and LED skin treatments.

LED Light Therapy uses colour wave lengths of visible light which have specific skin benefits. As a result of ageing, skin disorders or trauma, healthy skin cells are compromised and unable to renew themselves normally.

‘You can see results from the first treatment; however, we would recommend a minimum course of six,’ explains Kelly. ‘If you would like to super charge your skin for specific skin concerns, an intensive course of twelve treatments is advised close together.’

‘In clinic we offer Dermaluxat £70, including skin consultation and assessment in a private treatment room with a heated bed and cosy duvet,’ says Kelly. ‘We also advise light therapy after most of our facials, which is a £50 add on.’

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Dermalux is at the cutting edge of LED phototherapy, the completely non- invasive treatment of skin conditions using nothing but light. Working on the principle that our cells absorb light, there are many benefits to having light therapy on the skin and body.

With no downtime and no contra indications, this is a superb treatment that can be used on everyone and in conjunction with any aesthetic treatment. It can also be used post-treatment to calm the skin and reduce inflammation, redness and downtime after medical aesthetic treatments.

During your treatment, the skin is exposed to low levels of good light from the infrared part of the light spectrum according to what your skin needs – not the kind of light you usually associate with pigmentation and damage. The treatment energises the cells to promote positive function resulting in therapeutic effects. This can lead to younger, healthy and radiant skin.

Regular Dermalux treatment is also used to help many skin conditions such as; acne and blemishes, rosacea and redness, pigmentation, collagen stimulation, and for general skin rejuvenation.

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