The Christmas Treatment Guide


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The Christmas Treatment Guide

Navigating party season can be a nightmare… When do book your dermal injections, will you have enough time for your review and then you have your boyfriends family pre-christmas do and is that – a spot?!

With party season fast approaching us, we’re guiding you on when to book each appointment (in which order) to ensure you get all your treatments at the right time.

1/ Botox

2-4 weeks before an event

You will not see a change straight away with Botox. It takes about 2 or 3 days to start working, and up-to 2 weeks to see the full effect. After your initial appointment of Botox, we will look to book you in a review in 14 days to assess and ensure the areas are even.

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2/ Dermal Filler

2 weeks before an event

Fortunately, dermal fillers work very quickly, and you won’t have to wait twelve months to see the full benefits of your injections. That said, these injectable treatments take some time to integrate into your tissues, and it’s normal for your dermal filler to take up to 2 weeks to fully settle into your face.

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3/ Moxi & BBL Treatment

2-4 weeks before an event

Following a Moxi and BBL treatment, you will experience some redness and warming of the treated area for approximately 3-4 days afterwards. It’s also normal for your skin to have a sandpaper-like texture for 5 days afterward (or longer, in some cases).

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4/ HydraFacial

We recommend booking your HydraFacial appointment 1 week before your event. In need of Botox and Filler injections also? We can usually do this on the same day, but facials always come first!

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We hoped this helped but contact us if you need any more guidance this party season

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