Event: Natali Kelly Launches BBL, Moxi & SkinTyte

Introducing BBL, Moxi & SkinTyte

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Event: Natali Kelly Launches BBL, Moxi & SkinTyte

Natali Kelly is passionate about medical aesthetics and has infused this passion into the creation of her reputable, high-end clinic on Walton Street, Chelsea. She is now thrilled to launch Combine, Conquer & Correct with MOXI™, BroadBand Light™ (BBL™) & SkinTyte to her broad range of premium treatments. 

Natali Kelly says, “We are thrilled to have launched this innovative device in our clinic. It’s a truly game changing device when it comes to treating an individuals’ skin as we can now create bespoke treatments for clients depended on how their skin presents that day. The device allows us to treat tone, texture, pigmentation, acne, scars, broken veins and more, in one treatment, all year round! It also opens the door to treat younger patients for preventive aging, as well as those looking to maintain their skin”

MOXI™ & BroadBand Light™ (BBL™ )

These are two advanced skin treatments that pack a synergistic punch and pair perfectly together within one treatment for dramatic skin rejuvenation results, delivering spectacular tonal and textural improvements to the face. Each treatment can be made bespoke to target the clients’ concerns as the device has multiple levels of intensity. For instance, level 3 would be used on scars as the treatment would need to be more aggressive in comparison to a little bit of textured skin, which would be treatment at level 1 or 2.


This treatment delivers non ablative fractional laser resurfacing to create micro-coagulation zones which the body then repairs, replacing damaged cells with fresh new ones. It is designed to provide tonal and textural improvements to your face with low downtime, resulting in skin renewal. Read more: natalikelly.com/treatments/moxi

BBL™, or BroadBand Light, HERO

These treatments are the next generation of phototherapy which improves, pigment, redness, and overall skin quality anywhere on the body, including visible signs of ageing, sun damage, acne and more. This impressive treatment utilises pulses of light energy to gently heat the skin’s surface. This process induces the body’s natural healing process for improved elastin and collagen production—leaving you luminously glowing with continued improvement over time! You will see results from a single treatment. However, the number of treatments will depend on the severity of your concerns. Read more here: natalikelly.com/treatments/bblhero


Skintyte utilises advanced infrared light technology and patient-tailored filters to deeply heat dermal collagen and firm areas of loose or sagging skin. With no need for a topical anaesthetic, SkinTyte delivers energy in rapid, gentle pulses to promote contraction, initiating the body’s natural healing process.

SkinTyte as one of the safest, most optimised, most cost-effective ways to get younger-looking skin. SkinTyte can be used to improve the appearance of severe wrinkles and mild-to-moderate sagging; restore a youthful contour of the face or body; and even help delay or eliminate the need for surgical procedures. Can be used in combination with BBL for full face rejuvenation. Read more: natalikelly.com/treatments/skintyte

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